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Notes on Creation - Jennifer de Guzman

Latest thoughts on the creative life

Poem: Advice to a Migraineure

Jennifer de Guzman

 Detail from   Discretion   by Remedios Varo

Detail from Discretion by Remedios Varo

Advice to a Migraineure

Do not allow yourself to become
     or hungry
     or tired.
You must be self-contained.
You must not show
The true thoughts that
pulse in your skull, ready
to burst through as pain.
And if they do, you must
pluck them from the air
and press them like leaves
between your palms.

Hide hide hide.
Do not allow the light in.
The pain will try to draw
The tears from the well behind your eyes.
Tears are a weakness.
And you must not allow weakness.
Or allow what you feel
To break through into emotion.
Do not feel
     or sadness
     or elation.
You must be a walled city.
Any breach is disaster.

- Late 2014/Early 2015)