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My Star Wars sequel trilogy fan fiction is on An Archive of Our Own (AO3) — here’s my profile. I enjoy writing fic both as a hobby and as a way of strengthening my storytelling skills for my non-fan writing. If you want to know more about the writing I do under my own name, you can find links to my novel and short stories here and to my comics writing here.

Arkanis Is Mine

Putting the Damage On

Sleeping with Ghosts


Commission for  Arkanis Is Mine  by  Xyra Brittney

Commission for Arkanis Is Mine by Xyra Brittney

Arkanis Is Mine is a Benarmie slowburn romance set in the post-punk scene of a rainy industrial city. It’s a work in progress, currently with 24 chapters.

For those unfamiliar with the parlance of Star Wars fan fic, as I was until recently, Benarmie denotes the relationship between Ben Solo and Armitage Hux. Such fics are about the characters when they are younger than they are in the sequel trilogies, often taking place in alternative universes (AUs) — that is, in settings other than the Star Wars universe or in alternate versions of the Star Wars universe. Arkanis Is Mine is set in a fictionalized Manchester, renamed after Armitage Hux’s home planet.

The fic is inspired by Johnny Marr and Morrissey of The Smiths, but the relationship and personalities are different, of course. Each chapter title is a lyric from a Smiths song.

Arkanis Is Mine, Chapter 1

Arkanis Is Mine, Chapter 4

Arkanis Is Mine, Chapter 9


My first attempt at fan fiction has all the typical tropes — an extremely capable but flawed original character (OC) who is the love interest, a love triangle, and lots of sex. Much of it is set on Earth, renamed Gaia, because I didn’t want to have to research a Star Wars planet or create my own planet and culture whole cloth.

My inspiration was Wuthering Heights — I wanted to create a Catherine to Kylo Ren’s Heathcliff. I also wanted a woman of color to have a central role in a Star Wars story. The image in the moodboard of my OC Mira Galan is the Filipina model Charo Ronquillo. I wrote a little more about her and writing fic in general here.

This has become the first part of a series named Where She Most Satisfies.


The sequel to Putting the Damage On, it’s going to be a clear nod to Wuthering Heights, as my trio of Mira, Kylo, and Hux, now ruling the galaxy, find themselves in a gothic mystery on the moors of Arkanis.

It’s a work in progress, thirteen chapters so far.