Half a Person

Chi Roca has a dead girl’s voice in her head. Nearly ten years ago, her older sister Aria drowned, leaving their family shattered — and Chi has been keeping the secret of Aria’s continued presence in her mind ever since. 

But Aria had secrets of her own, and as Chi has gotten older she has begun to ask questions. When Aria’s presence disappears on Chi’s sixteenth birthday, Chi decides to try to find the answers, placing herself in the same danger that led to her sister’s death. 

Half a Person is a story of grief and the connections it both breaks and forges.

Short Stories

“The Story of the Scar, or the True and Amazing Adventure in the Life of a Lady Pirate, Erstwhile a Fallen Gentlewoman” - posted on my blog
“During the Plague” - posted on my blog
“Panchita’s Sea Lion”The Colorado Review, Summer 2006 (Winner of 2005 AWP Intro Journals Award)
“Captive”Susurrus, April 2006
“Minx Mouse Monster”Fortean Bureau, June 2005 (posted on my blog)
“Like the Cold If You Were Dead” -  Ideomancer, March 2005
“A Season in Silence” -  Strange Horizons, February 2004
“Carnival”Strange Horizons, January 2004 (Poem, nominated for a 2005 Rhysling Award)
“Counterpoint”Strange Horizons, October 2002 (Received Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction, 2002)
“Underground”Strange Horizons, March 2001 (Received Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction, 2001)


“Psylocke and Me: Totally Problematic” - talk given at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, November 2016
“The Eternal Loss of Beauty” - BlogCritics, June 2011
“An Empire in Words”Strange Horizons, March 2010
“On Possible Impossiblities” - Byline, August 2006